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Darling Doodles of Texas


Darling Doodles of Texas is family owned and operated. All of the dogs in our breeding program are our family pets. They live under our roof or are in guardian homes as someone else's pet. We are licensed by the state of Texas (#357). Our goal is to provide healthy puppies with great temperaments to families in search of a forever family member.

ENS, hip and health testing are part of our program. We do breed a variety of doodles because we breed the crossbreeds we want based on health, temperament, size, structure, and shedding. In addition, we watch the market as we never want supply to out perform demand creating unwanted puppies; we do not keep "inventory" and in most cases puppies are adopted before 10 weeks of age.

We encourage people to do extensive research before selecting a rescue dog or a dog from a breeder. To help educate buyers, we have created a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions. We welcome all questions, but ask that you view the FAQ's prior to asking as most should be covered in the document. Link to FAQ's is in the comments or can be accessed by clicking the word "Menu" on the side of the page.

We also have a dedicated page for puppy owners where families can stay connected (link in the comments). This page is for DDofTx puppy owners only and questions must be answered to join. Best wishes in your puppy search and remember, he/she is a lifetime commitment!

Previous Puppies

Why Darling Doodles?

Family Owned

Darling Doodles of Texas is family owned and operated! Your puppies are socialized with all ages and raised in our home. 

Genetic Testing

Our dogs are genetic tested before breeding to insure that you get the healthiest puppies possible!


Your puppy comes with a puppy package. This package includes over two pages of info on how to best care for your puppy! We also offer support throughout your puppy's life so you never feel unprepared.

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